Harnessing Mono/Combo Adenosine Pathway Inhibition to Overcome Hypoxia & Immunosuppression in the Tumor Microenvironment

With CD73 leading the way with 65 trials making progress through the clinical phases of development and CD39 close behind with 13 trials in play, the Adenosine landscape is bubbling with activity!

The 2nd Annual Adenosine-Pathway Targeted Cancer Immunotherapy Summit returns as the premier event devoted to keeping the space moving while awaiting landmark results from AstraZeneca’s first-of-its-kind Phase 3 study into adenosine, by underpinning the biology of adenosine and directly linking this to improving the efficacy of drugs that target the adenosine pathway and accelerating the translation of therapeutics into the clinic. This includes:

Where should we be looking to determine reliable predictive biomarkers?

How can we pinpoint the precise pathways and cascades that Adenosine’s therapeutic activity acts on and their fundamental functions in the development and treatment of cancer?

Adenosine-targeted treatments primarily target T-Cells, but as adenosine is essential for other immune system components, what impact do these therapeutics have on these other immune systems and cells?

And so much more…

With 21+ speakers, 3-days of content, and more networking opportunities than ever before, no stone is left unturned as CD73, CD39, A1AR, A2AR, interior adenosine pathways, improvement in trial design, biomarker validation and clinical translation are exploited.

Join experts in adenosine, immune checkpoint, tumor microenvironment, immune-oncology, and second-generation IO as they explore these core issues to accelerate more drugs to the late phases of study and hopefully approval!

Unmissable Highlights:


Keep ahead of the competition with case studies from leading pharma into how mAB candidates are advancing and achieving ever more positive outcomes in lung cancer. As
well as how their current learnings are shaping the future of adenosine therapeutics with AstraZeneca


Bolster your understanding of the core mechanisms behind Adenosine induction of hypoxia and angiogenesis mechanisms in cancer, and how targeting these improves patient outcomes with Harvard Medical


Maximize tumor killing, cell recruitment and safety by exploiting the adenosine mediated mechanisms of multiple drugs and/or cell types through by harnessing novel discovery and preclinical processes with Phanes Therapeutics and Elpiscience


Overcome the immunosuppressive TME by understanding the underpinning immunosuppressive mechanisms caused by adenosine signaling and enzymology with Rutgers University and the University of Turku


Forecasting the future of the adenosine field and assess the potential outcomes of approval or major failure with ITeos Therapeutics and Trishula Therapeutics

2023 World-Class Speaker Faculty Including:

2023 Attending Companies:

Arcus Biosciences
Janssen R&D
Purnovate, Inc.
Stingray Therapeutics

Hear What Previous Attendees Have Said:

"Great opportunity to meet a number of key scientists involved in foundational work on adenosine pathway" - AstraZeneca


"Good conference that brought together leaders in the field to provide their unique perspectives" - Incyte Corporation


"Intensive discussions by the researchers/scientist in the field" - Brightpath Therapeutics