Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday May 10, 2022

8.30 Coffee & Registration

Workshop A

How to Select & Rationalize your Combinations With Adenosine-Pathway Targeted Cancer Immunotherapy to Enhance Treatment Potency & Efficacy
9:30 am-10:30am

This workshop will delve deeper into:

• Targeting adenosine-mediated immunosuppression via CD73, CD39, A2a Receptor etc. in clinical trials as a monotherapy or in combination
• Exploring sequencing of combinations
• Discussing the rationale of each combination
• Understanding the potential and limitations of the combination
• Highlighting the lessons learnt from preclinical and clinical trial data
• Analyzing which combinations show potential in preclinical data
• Translating combination therapies from preclinical studies to clinical studies, and discussing the current challenges

yvonne mcgrath jpeg

Yvonne McGrath
Vice President
Research & Development
iTeos Therapeutics

Phil Darcy

Phil Darcy
Group Leader
Peter MacCallum Cancer Center

10.30 Morning Break & Networking

Workshop B

Using Biomarkers to Select the Right Patient

This workshop will delve deeper into:
• Overcoming the challenge of adenosine instability when quantifying it
• Identifying PD markers that are predictive of patient response
• Validating markers of efficacy of adenosine-pathway targeted drugs
• Measuring adenosine receptor expression on different immune cells, quantifying adenosine concentration intratumorally and extratumorally
• Discussing what tools to use to define patient adenosine signatures
• Exploring how we can measure changes in intratumoral adenosine concentration in clinical practice
• Reviewing how can we measure soluble adenosine-pathway targets?
• Understanding what adenosine signatures are predictive of patient response to adenosine blockers

Kris Sachsenmeier

Kris Sachsenmeier
Head, Oncology
Strategy: Cold-to-Hot

Maura Rossetti jpeg

Maura Rosetti
Associate Director
iTeos Therapeutics

0A0A6150 (2)

Lara McGrath
Director, Translational Medicine

1.00 Lunch & Networking

Workshop C

A Deep Dive on Mechanisms to Enhance T-Cell Mediated Anti- Tumor Response Through Adenosine Targeting

This workshop will delve deeper into:

• Understanding elevated levels of adenosine in the tumor microenvironment that impair T-cell function by inducing accumulation of intracellular cAMP
• Highlighting mechanisms for modulation of ectoenzymes and adenosine receptors on the T- cell surface
• Evaluating the mechanics of adenosine mediated T-cell suppression by inducing accumulation of intracellular cAMP and the modulatory effects on T-cell activity and metabolism
• Re-invigorating T-cell activity through adenosine targeting in the tumor microenvironment

Bin Zhang

Bin Zhang
Northwestern University

robert leone

Robert Leone
Assistant Professor Medical Oncology
John Hopkins University School of Medicine