Targeting CD39 in Malignancy: Immunotherapy & Inhibition of Angiogenesis

Time: 1:45 pm
day: Day One


• Explaining the central role of CD39 in modulation of purinergic signalling viz. regulation of both extracellular nucleotide pro-inflammatory and nucleoside/adenosine immunosuppressive pathways

• Demonstrating CD39 as a major rate limiting enzyme for extracellular nucleotide scavenging as well as adenosine production; given regulated catalysis of ATP/ADP to AMP and impacts of e.g. ADP on feed-forward inhibition on CD73

• Exploring the major strengths and possible limitations of targeting CD39 in the immune system and vasculature

• Highlighting the development of the therapeutic possibilities involved in the targeting of CD39

• Discussing how and where CD39 has been successfully targeted, providing ground work for understanding pathobiology/preclinical models/early clinical studies