Michail Sitkovsky

Michail Sitkovsky

Company: Northeastern University

Job title: Professor & Director


The Discovery of Biochemical & Immunological Mechanisms of the Hypoxia- A2-Adenosinergic Immunosuppression as the Foundation of the Conceptually Novel Immunotherapies of Cancer Using Several Classes of Anti-Hypoxia-A2- Adenosingergic Drugs 9:10 am

• Highlighting that extracellular adenosine-A2AR/A2BR adenosine receptors-cyclic AMP-PKA axis: provides the “OFF” signal to TCR activated T-Cells and inhibit NK cells and other immune cells, triggers the immunosuppressive transcription of all other known immunosuppressive molecules like PD1 via cAMP Response Element (CRE) and CREB transcription factor • Discussing that i) inhibition of adenosine-generating enzymes like…Read more

day: Day One

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