7:30 am Registration & Coffee

8:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

CD73/CD39 Understanding Biological Principles & Concepts to Enable Fast Development

8:30 am Targeting CD39-Adenosine Pathway for Immuno-Oncology


  • Why CD39 is an excellent target for cancer immune-oncology
  • Preclinical characterization of eurestobart (ES002), Elpiscience’s anti-CD39 antibody
  • Effect of ES014, a first-in-class bi-specific antibody targeting CD39 and TGF-beta, in modulating the immune system in the tumor microenvironment (TME)

9:00 am Clinical and translational perspectives on αCD73 in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer


  • Understanding key learnings from the preclinical stage that informed patient selection strategy
  • Examining the benefits and drawbacks of focusing on CD73 in the adenosine pathway

9:30 am Cidara Drug-Fc-Conjugates (Dfcs): A New Approach To Treatment Of Cancer

  • James Levin Senior Director of Preclinical Development, Cidara Therapeutics


  • Cidara has developed a Drug-Fc-Conjugate (DFC) platform and is using it to advance candidates against several immuno-oncology targets. 
  • We are advancing a development candidate DFC, CD421, that targets CD73.
  • The emerging CD421 preclinical data package highlights its potential for differentiation from existing small molecule and monoclonal antibody therapies in clinical trials. CD421 combines the best attributes of small molecule and monoclonal antibody therapies

10:00 am Morning Break & Networking

10:30 am Improving Outcomes for People With Cancer By Developing TTX-030, A First- In-Class, Anti-CD39 Antibody

  • Achim Moesta Executive Director, Vice President & Head of Immunology & Translational Sciences, Trishula Therapeutics, Inc.


  • Explore translational practices and how they can be improved for greater confidence upon reaching the clinic
  • Using novel approaches to inform clinical decision making

11:00 am Panel Discussion – Barriers to Development of CD73/CD39 Mono and Combo Therapies and Potential Solutions

  • Achim Moesta Executive Director, Vice President & Head of Immunology & Translational Sciences, Trishula Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Hongtao Lu CSO, Elpiscience


  • Compare and contrast single vs dual inhibition of adenosine enzymes
  • Explore current challenges with identifying and validating predictive biomarkers of response
  • Suggest methods and technologies worth pursuing to better select patients for trials

12:00 pm Lunch & Networking

Exploring Adenosine Receptor Biology & Taking Advantage of its Strengths

1:00 pm Beyond the T cell: Exploring the Importance of the Humoral Immune System in Adenosine Immunosuppression


  • Expression of A2AR on human B cells
  • Function of A2AR on human B cells
  • Clinical correlation in patients treated with inupadenant

1:30 pm Next Generation Adenosine Therapeutics for A2B


  • Explain the biological importance of A2B
  • Discuss the development route for A2B therapeutics and current challenges/opportunities

2:00 pm Targeting Adenosine Pathway With Antagonizing Anti-A2A\zr Antibody to Enhance Anti-Tumor Immunity

  • Changyun Hu Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Adept Therapeutics


  • Discuss current molecules targeting adenosine receptors in preclinic and clinics
  • Show the discovery of an antagonizing anti-A2aR antibody to enhance anti-tumor immunity

2:30 pm Panel Discussion – Preclinical and Clinical Adenosine Receptor Targeting


  • Discuss therapeutic and strategic strengths of single receptor targeting vs dual inhibition
  • Examine which aspects of A2AR and A2BR make it a better or worse target than CD73/39

3:00 pm End of Conference Day Two & Summit